Building a Foundation Through Focus Day™

Focus Day™ is a Leadership Team’s first session with an EOS Implementer™ as they begin their journey to implement EOS®. And it is my favorite session in our process. Why? Because Focus Day™ establishes the foundation for our work together going forward.

I think each one of the Leadership Teams with which I have worked read “Traction” by Gino Wickman prior to meeting me. So they arrive to Focus Day™ ready to dive into the Vision/Traction Organizer™, also known as the V/TO™. They are excited about doing what I call the “sexy stuff” – discover their Core Values, define their Core Focus™, identify their 10-Year Target™. This expectation prevails even though I sent the team the agenda two weeks prior to our first session together.

Instead of working on the V/TO, I start by asking a question – “Do you want to become your best?” which requires:

  • Becoming both Healthy and Smart
  • Becoming a Leadership Team
  • Running your business on one operating system
  • Strengthening the Six Key Components™ of your business

I’m not looking for an answer from anyone; my goal is to raise awareness.

Then we build out their Accountability Chart™, teach them a Meeting Pulse™, create the Leadership Team’s Rocks, and work on their Scorecard. This has the team leaving the session ready to begin using four of the five EOS Foundational Tools™ the very next day.

The goal of our Focus Day™ agenda is to establish a foundation for the Leadership Team, and establish the context for the entire EOS® journey. It works – every time. And at some point the Leadership Team gets it and realizes the importance of having built a solid foundation.

If you’d like to learn more about EOS®, I highly recommend that you read the book, “Traction.” Traction introduces and explains the Six Key Components™ by chapter, and along with an EOS® Implementer, is a great companion to have by your side when you implement the system. I invite you to download chapter one of “Traction” for free, so you can gain a better understanding of the process and the benefit it can bring to your business.

Investing in a management system is a big decision, and I am happy to explain more about what EOS® is all about and how it can help you. I chose to invest in EOS® when I was a business owner and realized great results, so it was a natural next step for me to become an EOS® Implementer. Having worked on both sides — as a business owner and as an Implementer — has given me a valuable perspective. If you’d like to request a 15-minute phone conversation with me, please fill out the consult form below.

I hope to have the opportunity to speak with you and discuss building a foundation for EOS®.