Define Your Cascading Messages With These 5 Questions

My previous company engaged the expertise of an EOS Implementer™, and one of our favorite tools was the Level 10 Meeting™. We embraced the tool because it helped us develop a cadence; gave us a pulse on our company; created a routine that improved efficiency; and it prevented bottlenecks and train wrecks.

In short, we eliminated situations where the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing.

I find the Leadership Teams with whom I work quickly embrace the Level 10 Meeting™, as well.

At the end of every Level 10 Meeting™ the leaders review the decisions they reached, and determine if there are any Cascading Messages to convey to their colleagues. If there are, the team then decides the answers to the following questions and acts accordingly:

  1. Who is affected by this decision? 

    Perhaps the entire company needs the information. Then again, maybe the decision is pertinent to a company division or an individual.

  2. What is the agreed upon content we will all share about this decision?

    Make sure everyone hears the same message from each Leadership Team member.

  3. Who will communicate it? 

    The answer to this question depends on the answer to question #1. That said it is imperative every member of the Leadership Team is prepared to address questions.

  4. How will we communicate it? 

    Face-to-face communications are always preferable. If that isn’t possible, be sure people have an opportunity to ask clarifying questions.

  5. When will we communicate it? 

    I encourage teams to share the information as soon as possible. Doing so will limit rumors, misinformation, and confusion.

Cascading Messages ensure everyone is 100% aligned on communications. And answering the 5 questions is equally as important as every other agenda item.

And don’t forget to rate the meeting. It is the responsibility of each Leadership Team member to make the Level 10 Meeting a “10”; if the Leadership Team doesn’t do it, who will?

Is your Leadership Team embracing Level 10 Meetings™? If you’d like to discuss your progress or need to be pointed in the right direction, I can help. The consult form below gives you the chance to pick my brain about EOS®, Level 10 meetings™, Cascading Messages, or any other EOS®concept you’d like to discuss. I offer this consult with no fee or obligation because I believe in the process and I know it can help you.

So let’s talk all things EOS®, and help you get the maximum benefit from your Level 10 Meetings™.

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