EOS® – It’s a Company’s Way of Life

EOS® is a management system for entrepreneurial organizations, and implementing EOS® is a process. It generally takes two years to implement the EOSModel™ through all levels of an organization, starting of course with the Leadership Team. Implementing EOS® is not equivalent to attending a workshop where you learn excellent content, which you may or may not use when you return to your company.

The organizations that receive the intended value from EOS® are those that internalize every aspect of EOS® and come to understand the nuances. How do organizations make that happen? They appreciate that they are changing organizational behavior, thinking about their organizations in new ways, learning new skills — and all of that takes time.

How much time? I can’t tell you how much time. There is no specific date to which a Leadership Team can point and say “Aha, we have operationalized EOS®.” It doesn’t work that way.

Implementing EOS® isn’t an event. It is an accumulation of lots and lots of little things that alone seems innocuous and perhaps even useless. It’s practicing these little things over and over and over again. And some days, leaders will lose their focus and forget to practice something. And other days they may not use a tool as intended. That’s okay — their EOS Implementer™ will get them back on track.

EOS® isn’t something a Leadership Team “does” five days each year during their Quarterly Pulsing™ Sessions and their Two-Day Annual Planning Session. It’s  adopting EOS® as a way of life — it is how leaders manage their companies every single day.

It is how Leadership Teams become aligned to one voice, one vision, and one team.

As an EOS® Implementer, my job is to help you  incorporate EOS® into your organization so its processes become second nature to you and your Leadership Team. I would be happy to talk you through this process and answer any questions you have about EOS®. Please use the consult form below to request a free 15-minute phone conversation with me. As an EOS® Implementer, I’ll be by your side through the process until EOS® becomes your company’s way of life.


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