Goals, Rocks, and Issues . . . Oh My!

Oh, and don’t forget To-Do’s. Just about every Leadership Team with whom I work gets flustered managing their goals, rocks, issues and to-do’s.

It is not uncommon for me to receive an email asking what the team should do with the seven new ideas they had, or the three new opportunities on the horizon. Or perhaps the question is about a to-do that took two weeks to complete, rather than one.

The question here is usually, “Should we make that to-do a Rock?” Sometimes a Leadership Team will feel overwhelmed by the number of issues they identify and do not have adequate time to IDS all of them within the quarter.

The first answer to all the questions is to Simplify, one of the leadership abilities we teach during Focus Day™. The second answer is Compartmentalize™.

Compartmentalizing means having a place for every idea, issue, opportunity, project, goal, priority, etc. that arises in an organization.

Everything that takes longer than 90 days belongs on your V/TO™:

  • Any idea, opportunity, project, etc. that must be accomplished this year becomes a goal.
  • Items that must get done this quarter and will take several weeks to accomplish become a Rock.
  • Issues the team does not need to address during the current quarter (90 days) are recorded on the Issues list portion of the V/TO™.

Everything that takes less than 90 days belongs on your Level 10 Meeting™ Agenda:

  • Add any Issues that come up during the quarter and must be solved now to the IDS section of the agenda.
  • Delegate Issues that are best solved by a department to the respective departmental Level 10 Meeting™ Agenda.
  • Add anything that can be accomplished in one or two weeks to the To-Do List section of the agenda.

The bottom line here is that you can keep track of your issues, ideas, opportunities, and projects on two EOS®tools – the V/TO™ and the Level 10 Meeting™ Agenda. What could be simpler than that?

EOS®works because it brings simplicity and organization to all of the moving parts of your business. The systems, tools, and foundation offered through a management system like EOS®saves you time, aggravation and money.

I would love the opportunity to talk with you about EOS®’ ability to simplify some very complicated processes. As a business owner who used EOS®in my former company, I’m a testimony to the difference EOS®can make in a business.

Please fill out the contact form below to request a no-obligation phone consultation with me.  I’m confident that using EOS®’ many tools and processes will bring some direction to your journey and take all the scary surprises out of your road to success.

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