Greatness Starts with Intention

The first item on every EOS® session agenda is a Check-In. There are several purposes to checking in — we each share some good news, which helps us transition from working “in” the business to working “on” the business; we share what is and is not working so we can identify issues; and everyone shares their expectations for the day to ensure they are aligned with the session agenda.

One of the questions I ask the Leadership Teams at our first Quarterly Pulsing™ Session Check-In is, “What are your intentions?” I preface the question with a reminder that they are invited into the room because each is a leader in the company. They come together five times annually (three Quarterly Pulsing™ Sessions and one two-day Annual Planning session) to work “on” their business. I want the Leadership Team to know how each team member will show up as a leader that day; what each person will contribute for the greater good of the team.

And then I remind them — greatness starts with intention. They don’t have to get it right on the first try. We won’t be upset if a team member needs help, or extra time, or another round of revisions. All we can ask for is good intentions.

I want each member of the Leadership Team to do his or her best work, the kind that comes from the heart, from dedication. The kind that is for the greater good of the organization.

EOS®is a journey — if you have read my blog, you know I say this frequently. EOS®becomes the system leaders use to manage their business. The work we do isn’t just for the session day; it is designed to become who you want to be. It is designed to be used, not put in a drawer until our next session.

Be great at what you do. And remember – greatness starts with intention.

If you have questions about the EOS®journey, the process, or the intention behind it, please fill out the consult form below. I would love the opportunity to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation with you about your business, your challenges and how EOS®could help. After using EOS®in my own company years ago, I understand firsthand the impact EOS®can have. With a tried and true system like EOS®and the good intentions of your Leadership Team, your company can achieve greatness.


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