How to Hold Quarterly Conversations

Leading, managing, and holding people accountable are major roles of anyone who has people reporting to them on the Accountability Chart™. These roles create numerous opportunities to engage with your direct reports. One of my favorite opportunities is the Quarterly Conversation™. I think of it as an employee feedback program.

Here is a sample process to have that conversation:


First is Preparation

  • Schedule your conversation well in advance
  • Pick a place off-site, informal and away from the office
  • Complete the People Analyzer™ on your direct report
  • Ask your direct report to complete the People Analyzer™ as a self-assessment
  • Prepare for and keep notes during the conversation
  • Begin the conversation with context . . .
  • This is NOT a performance review
  • Keeping expectations clear – Two-Way Street
  • Communicating well – 80/20 rule
  • Improving our relationship
  • Helping us BOTH get better


 There are four parts to the Conversation

  1. What’s Working – Ask them how they feel they’re doing. Then, give them some positive feedback. (TSP: Truthful, Specific, Positive)
  2. What’s Not Working – Ask them what they feel isn’t going well or could be improved. Then, give some helpful improving suggestions.
  3. Next steps – Ask them what they will do to improve, and how they feel you can help. Be careful not to take their “monkey”.
  4. Feedback – Ask them how they feel YOU ARE doing as their boss – areas where you could improve. Then, share with them how you feel you’re doing and how they could help you.


There are three common issues that will surface from Quarterly Conversations™:

  1. Ones that CANNOT BE solved. Your direct report just wants to be heard and acknowledged.
  2. Ones YOU must solve. You are the only one with the authority to address it.
  3. Ones THEY must solve. Push their issues back to them. Especially when the “monkey” belongs to them.


Quarterly Conversations™ is one of the many tools used in EOS® to help business leaders become great bosses. For many, this is an entirely new and foreign discipline. But once it is mastered, it keeps direct reports engaged in their role and on the same page with their manager. They feel like they are part of a team, and they know how to help the company succeed.

Holding Quarterly Conversations™ is a great way to ensure that you and each of your direct reports have clear expectations, understand what is on each other’s minds, and are not operating on assumptions.

I would be happy to talk with you further about EOS® and the benefits of Quarterly Conversations™. Please fill out the consult form below to request a free, 15-minute phone consultation with me. I look forward to helping you implement this important quarterly practice that will improve both your employee relationships and your company’s performance.


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