It’s a 10!

A Level-10 Meeting™ is a Leadership Team’s 90 minutes each week to work “on” their business, assess the health, and (here’s where the magic comes in) solve issues. Why do we call it a Level-10? Because we want the Leadership Team to get to the point where they rate the meeting a “10.”

A Level-10 Meeting™ has five attributes:

  • It is the same day
  • It is at the same time
  • It starts on time
  • It ends on time
  • It is the same agenda

What a concept! A well-practiced Level-10 creates its own energy. The Leadership Team ensures their Rocks are “on track,” which means they are making progress on their priorities and their 1-Year Plan. They review their Scorecard to see if every activity-based measurable is “on track,” confirming their company is healthy. They ask if there are any customer or employee headlines, ensuring their customers and employees are happy. And they review last week’s To Do list to make sure at least 90% of the To Dos are To Done.

Any Rocks, measurables, or headlines that are “off track” are dropped down to the IDS™ portion of the agenda. This is not done to criticize any Leadership Team member. Rather is an opportunity for the Leadership Team to help the person who owns the Rock or Scorecard number get back on track.

Leadership Teams who rate their meetings a 9 or a 10 practice the Level-10 in its purest form. They report walking out of the meeting energized and focused because they have a pulse on their business. They have solved their immediate issues. They are ready for a great week, working on purpose and moving their company toward their shared vision. Does your Leadership Team leave meetings with that level of energy?

Wait – one more point: if you don’t make your Level-10 Meeting™ a “10,” who will?

When you can rate your Level-10 Meeting™ a “10,” you’ll no longer hear complaints that meetings are a waste of time. They become necessary, useful conversations that are enjoyable, productive and worthwhile.

The Level-10 Meeting is one of EOS’ Six Key Component™ tools described in the book,Traction. You can learn more about the components by reading chapter 1 of Traction here, and if you have any questions or would like to learn more, please fill out the consult form below to request a 15-minute phone conversation with me. I welcome the opportunity to talk with you about the transformations I have witnessed when companies adopt EOS®and the Level 10 Meetings™. It’s motivating, exciting and energizing to watch your team understand how his or her individual role impacts the entire business. I saw the light bulb go on in my own Leadership Team when my company implemented EOS®and Level 10 Meetings™, and I’m confident you’ll have the same experience.

So don’t sit through one more painful, unorganized meeting. Let’s discuss how to make them the engaging, effective, problem-solving sessions they are designed to be.


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