Leadership For the Greater Good

EOS® is all about getting everyone in an organization aligned in the same direction.

In order to do so, we need to embrace several leadership abilities. One of those is to act with the greater good in mind.

What does that mean? It means that everything we do as leaders is completely aligned with our organization’s vision. Everything – our actions, decisions, attitudes, and practices — you get the picture.

The best way to act with the greater good in mind is to put the organization ahead of ourselves. It is not about us as leaders, managers, or entrepreneurs. It is about the organization and what it stands for.

So let’s be open to new perspectives, welcome discussions, and consider alternate opinions. Let us respond with “yes and . . .” to keep the discussion open to possibility and understanding, and at all cost avoid responding with “yes but . . .” as that shuts down the conversation.

Remember, leadership doesn’t start with a fancy title. Leadership, at its best, is intensely personal. And the people who follow you —they can tell.

Becoming an effective leader and building strong leaders around you is the underlying theme of all of EOS®’s Six Key Components™. It is clearly described in the book Traction, written by EOS® founder Gino Wickman. The book devotes a chapter to each of the Six Key Components™, and is bookended with an introductory chapter about letting go and a concluding chapter about putting it all together. I invite you to read chapter one for yourself for free so you can better understand the impact EOS® has had on organizations just like yours.

It takes time and practice to become a good leader, but you don’t have to do it alone. As an EOS® Implementer, I walk the journey with you, help you to establish each of the components, make sound decisions for the good of your organization, and build the skills and systems that solidify your leadership team.

If you would like to talk with me about EOS®, I invite you to fill out the consultation form below. There is no obligation to move forward after our 15-minue phone call. Together we can decide if EOS® is what your company needs to get everyone acting with the greater good in mind.