Overwhelmed and Tired? Time to Work on You!

A demanding job, endless emails, constant fires to put out. The daily grind can be overwhelming at times for many of us. Simply taking a break to reflect, regroup, and refocus can prevent burnout and help you to avoid the downward spiral to disaster.

Think you can’t afford to take time away? It turns out, you can’t afford NOT to.

Years ago, I was a rock climber, and as part of a climbing party I would often find myself in out-of-the-way places, such as obscure restaurants. One memorable restaurant – which also served as a bowling alley and bar – was in the middle of the woods in Maine. They served us a beer with a bar napkin that read, “The reason some people get lost in thought is that it is unfamiliar territory.”

This quote often comes to mind as I work with business owners and leadership teams who describe their daily lives as overwhelming, crazy busy, and tiring. They are so overworked that they have little time to understand what is going on in their organization.

Why take time to work on me?

You’re not at your best when you don’t. You may find yourself being ornery, snapping at people, losing confidence, or just feeling out of sorts.

I recommend you regularly step back and find a quiet place away from work or home, like a coffee shop or a park bench. Leave your cell phone and laptop in the car! Take a blank legal pad and write whatever comes to mind in that moment. You will be amazed at the thoughts that come to you.

Think, brainstorm, and plan. This may be a great time to review your progress in accomplishing your quarterly Rocks. Perhaps you are struggling with a personal challenge, and having uninterrupted time to focus on it will yield the answers you’re seeking. If a new business idea has been percolating, this may give you the chance to sketch it out.

How often should I do this?

As often as you need to, as long as you are consistent. Many clients schedule them weekly; others schedule them for a short time daily. If once a week is too much for you, I recommend you schedule time to work on you at least monthly. It will be well worth the time you take away from your daily responsibilities, and you’ll accomplish more in the long run.

Taking time for yourself lets you clear your mind, keep your focus and maintain confidence. The time spent allows you to see what you normally would not see. It will enable you to push a reset button, reenergizing and recharging you for what you need going forward. Taking time to work on yourself restores confidence and provides a clear path forward.

Feeling overwhelmed and tired? I can help. Please fill out the consult form below, and we’ll take steps to help you become the best version of yourself so you can be focused and productive in your business.