Stand Out Through Your Proven Process

Do your customers know what it looks like to work with you? Are you sure? I bet there are a series of steps you and your staff follow each time you provide your service or sell your product to a customer. As a successful company, everyone is wired to follow those steps — you can even recite them in your sleep.

But do you ever tell your customers what those steps are? If you are like most companies EOS® Implementers meet, you do not. One segment of the marketing strategy in the Vision/Traction Organizer™ is the Proven Process. This is an illustration of what your customer’s relationship looks like from the first day they meet you through the entire length of the relationship.

Most companies can define a sequence of events that occurs in each customer relationship. For example, you may have an initial meeting to determine fit, a meeting to define project scope, a proposal meeting, a project launch event, and ongoing follow-up to ensure obligations are met and desired results are achieved.

Rather than have your sales team use long, drawn-out explanations to describe these steps, show the sequence as an illustration with a few words for clarity. As an example, here is the EOS Process™:


Once you have defined your company’s proven process, give it a name, have it professionally reproduced on card stock, and laminate it.

Your sales team will have two distinct advantages to having the ABC, Inc. Proven Process. First, your customer’s confidence in your company will increase because they will know what it means to do business with you and your team. And, second, your competition does not have a similar document.

Want to stand out and give your customers peace of mind? Create your Proven Process.

If you’d like to learn more about creating your Proven Process, I highly recommend the book “Traction,” written by EOS® Founder Gino Wickman. In his book, Gino describes the Six Key Components™ needed to implement EOS® in your organization. Proven Process is more thoroughly described in chapter three, The Vision Component.

To help you understand EOS® and the Six Key Components™, I am offering a free download of Traction’s first chapter. Chapter one includes a table of contents and introduction, providing you with a better understanding of how the book is organized, and the benefit it could bring to your business.

As an EOS® Implementer, I am available to help you decide if EOS® is right for your company. Please use the consult form below to request a 15-minute phone conversation with me. We can discuss EOS® in detail, and how defining strategies such as your Proven Process contribute to your company’s overall success.

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