The Astounding Magic of Mastering Absolute Buy-In

Which are we – a team or an organization?

My friend and colleague Walt Brown makes the case in his book, The Patient Organization, that an organization is a fiction. Brown argues that organizations are only given meaning and power by people who buy into the reality they strive to reach.

So, what is buy-in and how do you access it? You will see buy-in when you and your leadership team achieve alignment – meaning you create so much clarity and consistency that there is little room possible for confusion, disorder, and infighting.

You create buy-in when everyone in the organization understands the journey and is committed to that journey. In addition, people who recognize their role in that journey will actively contribute.

Leaders create a team fueled with buy-in by leading and coaching their people, rather than “managing” people. You create an organization that is resilient, committed, and cooperative.

Which sounds like more fun?

Productivity that yields consistent outcomes by a group of people who show up every day and go through the motions?

Or, a cohesive unit working together, moving the company forward, and bringing their unique contribution to the endeavor?

Yeah, I thought you’d say that.

True teamwork requires patience, collaboration, and ingenuity. It requires taking the time to discuss issues and coming to decisions for the greater good, investing in the humanity of each team member, and creating systems that allocate space for feedback. Achieving buy-in is not some sort of magic, but a deliberate combination of a few key ingredients, consistent dedicated effort, and that sweet, sweet essential: time.

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