The Beauty of a Clarity Break


I absolutely love Clarity Breaks™. I generally take mine on Thursday mornings; that way I’m not in my housekeeper’s way and she doesn’t yell at me when I walk on a floor she just scrubbed. (She doesn’t actually yell, but I do get an eye roll!)

What is a Clarity Break™, you ask? Well, let me explain.

Most of us spend our weeks and days working “in” our business. As a result, we get to the point where we are overwhelmed, exhausted, buried in a myriad of details and unable to find time to come up for air.

The challenge with all of this is that just pushing forward or toughening it out doesn’t solve anything. In fact, doing so only makes matters worse. We need to take a break, clear our heads, and get ready for tomorrow, next week, next month.

Enter the Clarity Break™. This is a quiet time to work on you. So get away from the office, find a quiet place, and turn off all your technology. What??!! No cell phone, laptop, or tablet? That’s right. Just you, a pad of paper, and a pen. Sit quietly and take a deep breath – let your mind go where it wants to go. Jot down ideas, doodle, single words, make a list, draw pictures – there is no “right” way.

How often? Well, it depends. I tend to take a weekly Clarity Break™; when I skip weeks I find myself a bit out of sorts. One of my clients takes one every Sunday afternoon at a local coffee shop, and uses the time to evaluate the last week and get ready for the upcoming week. Another client takes a Clarity Break™ each month and goes to his cabin in the Southern Ohio woods — sometimes he takes his dog, but no one else can come. The important point here is to get away from your usual environment.

You need safety and stability in the present to start thinking about the future. So pick a day and time for your Clarity Break™ – add it to your scheduler and hit “forever.” You will learn to love Clarity Breaks™.

Clarity Breaks™ are one of the many concepts discussed in Gino Wickman’s book, ‘Traction.” The book thoroughly explains how the Entrepreneurial Operating System, EOS®, can help your organization clarify, simplify, and achieve your vision.

I’d like to offer you chapter one of “Traction” as a free download. The first chapter includes the table of contents and introduction, so you can better understand the value of reading the entire book.

If you’d like to learn more about Clarity Breaks™ and EOS® please use the form below to schedule a free, 15-minute consultation with me. There is no pressure or obligation to move forward after our call. My goal is to understand your business’s strengths and challenges, so together we can determine if EOS is the answer you are looking for.

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