The Core Values Speech

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We all have virtues that are important to us. Honesty, integrity, accountability, and attention to detail are just a few examples of what drives and motivates us in our personal and professional lives.

As EOS™ Implementers, we take our clients through a discovery process to identify their company’s values. We refer to these as their Core Values, which are a small set of essential and timeless guiding principles that define the culture of the organization.

It’s not a fast or easy process to come up with your company’s Core Values. It takes a commitment of time and collaboration from your leadership team to pinpoint the three to seven Core Values that will govern your organization.

Once you identify them, you can’t just file them away in a drawer. You need to share them with every person in your company – in the form of a speech.

Preparing Your Core Values Speech

Your Core Values Speech is how you communicate your Core Values to your organization. Reading your Core Values off a list will not be enough. You need to include stories, analogies and examples to make your point.

Each Core Value statement in your presentation speech should be consistent. For example, if you choose to begin each Core Value statement with, “To always …” or “We always…” the subsequent Core Value statements should begin the same way.

Each Core Values statement should also be followed by three to five supporting points; your details, illustrations or anecdotes that help your employees understand exactly what the value means and how it applies to your company.

Why Core Values are Important

Your Core Values are the heart and soul of who you are as a company. They attract like-minded people to your organization. Employees who share in your values will help your organization grow and prosper. It will mean more than just a job to them or a company to work for. They will believe in your purpose and your goals. When they share in your Core Values, they have greater job satisfaction, and you have loyal, dedicated employees. You both win.

Your Core Values are your guiding force. Use them when you are interviewing new employees. Use them to review, reward, recognize, or even fire employees. Make it a common language within your company, and share them at your quarterly “State of the Company” meetings.

Don’t be surprised or discouraged if you have to repeat your Core Values to your employees over time. Most people will need to hear them seven times before they truly “hear” them for the first time. But if you can define them, communicate them, and live them each and every day, they will clearly demonstrate your company’s culture. And before you know it, your employees will be using them as a foundation on which to grow your business.

Do you need help preparing your company’s Core Values Speech? If so, contact us. We can help.

About EOS

EOS is a holistic management system with simple tools that help you do three things we call vision, traction, healthy. Vision from the standpoint of first getting your leaders 100% on the same page with where your organization is going. Traction from the standpoint of helping your leaders to become more disciplined and accountable, executing really well to achieve every part of your vision. Healthy meaning helping your leaders to become a healthy, functional, cohesive leadership team.

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