The Impact of Your Core Values

If you have read my blog posts for any length of time, you will probably recall that I often write about Core Values. So why am I writing about Core Values again? Because I strongly believe that discovering an organization’s Core Values is one of the most important things a Leadership Team can do.

Jason Korman, CEO & Co-Founder of gapingvoid describes culture as “. . . a sophisticated management system that when properly designed and executed will be the tool that delivers consistent organizational outcomes. Many people think culture is soft, but it is the thing that will drive greatness in your business.”

I have seen his description play out in numerous organizations in my work with Leadership Teams. Here are some observations from surrounding yourself with team members who not only exemplify your Core Values, but also know what they mean:

  • Core Values go a long way to building effective teams – we all know who we are, and what we stand for
  • they are the handful of rules by which we expect our colleagues to behave
  • they shape our actions
  • they represent a story about our organization, which unites people
  • leaders look for ways to practice Core Values at a higher level
  • leaders look for ways to make Core Values tangible

I was working with a Leadership Team recently, and the CEO confessed he had forgotten one of their Core Values. He told a story about interviewing a part-time employee for a full-time position, and he was asking questions around their Core Values. At one point he began reciting the Core Values—and was shocked when he got stuck after sharing four of the five Core Values. As he said, “Imagine my embarrassment when our part-time employee piped in with the fifth Core Value.” We all had a good laugh, including him. What struck me, though, is that his Leadership Team colleagues celebrated the fact that a part-time employee knew their Core Values.

Remember, Core Values are a mindset, not a memo. The take-away? Organizations follow their Core Values no matter what the cost. Even if it means embarrassing the CEO!

Do you want to know more about Core Values or how to identify them for your business? If so, please use the consult form below to request a free, 15-minute phone conversation with me, and we can make sure you have yours solidified before we start the New Year. Once they are identified, taught and lived by all, they can have an amazing impact on your business!