The Value of Vulnerability

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Vulnerability is a strength of its own. Think about that for a moment. We usually think of being vulnerable as being weak, fearful, and exposed. But what would happen if:

. . . what you do best you did more

. . . you listened more to your team members

. . . you let your leaders know you have doubts some days

. . . you let your colleagues see the real you

. . . you let go of some of the things you don’t do very well

. . . you let folks who love those things take them on

. . . you asked for help?

These are all choices. And when we make choices that allow us to become comfortable being vulnerable, we create new opportunities — we experience gains in personal development — we move our companies forward, and we add value to everyone around us.

Today may be the day you let go of the vine. It’s a story Gino Wickman tells in Chapter 2 of “Traction.”

“An entrepreneur slips and falls off the edge of a cliff. On his way down, he manages to grab onto the end of a vine. He’s hanging there, a thousand feet from the top and a thousand feet from the bottom. His situation seems hopeless, so he looks up to the clouds, and decides, for the first time, to pray. “Is anybody up there!” he asks. After a long silence, a deep voice bellows down from the clouds: “Do you believe?” “Yes,” replies the entrepreneur. “Then let go of the vine,” says the voice. The entrepreneur pauses for a second, looks up again, and finally responds, “Is there anybody else up there?”

Are you ready to let go of the vine and celebrate being vulnerable?

Letting go of the vine is just one of the many concepts discussed in Gino Wickman’s book, “Traction.” Not only does the book go into more depth about the choice to be vulnerable, it thoroughly explains the role it and the Six Key Components™ play in implementing EOS® in your organization.

I’d like to offer you chapter one of “Traction” as a free download. The first chapter alone will help you gain insight to how all the components work together. With the table of contents and introduction included, you’ll understand the value of reading the book in its entirety.

I’m available to help you understand the EOS® process, the Six Key Components™, and the importance of letting go of the vine in your company. If you’d like to schedule a free, 15-minute phone consultation with me, please fill out the form below. There is no pressure or obligation to move forward after our call. Our conversation will center on your business’s strengths and challenges. Together we can determine if EOS® is the answer you are looking for.





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