Three Ways to Use Your Three Uniques

The Vision/Traction Organizer™, also known as the V/TO™, is one of the tools we help Leadership Teams create. It is a 2-page strategic plan, and it is all you need to manage your company.

The Marketing Strategy is one of the eight sections of the V/TO™. Included in the Marketing Strategy is the identification of your 3 Uniques™. These are often known as differentiators or value propositions. Your 3 Uniques™ are what make you stand out in the mind of your ideal customer. You may share one unique with one of your competitors—but you are the only one that exhibits all three.

Once your Leadership Team defines and is in 100% agreement with what your uniques are, they then need to become a common thread through all your marketing and sales communication. The purpose of this approach is to create a consistent message in the marketplace.

At some point during a Quarterly Pulsing™ Session, I will ask the Leadership Team how they are using their 3 Uniques™ in their marketing tactics. In my experience, most of the Leadership Teams with whom I work have not thought about using their 3 Uniques™ to market their product or service.

So, here are three ideas you can adopt so your ideal customer has a clear understanding of why they should engage with your company:

  1. Create a standard “About Us” description. Keep it simple; 2 – 3 sentences. Show your ideal customer what they will miss by not engaging with your company.
  2. Craft a 30 second elevator pitch; teach it to every employee. This is a great way to tell a prospective client how you help them.
  3. Create a “What Makes Us Different” webpage or video. This is an opportunity to demonstrate how you help a client solve a problem.

Clearly communicating your 3 Uniques™ creates awareness and excitement. And it helps a prospective client point to your company and say, “I want that!”

Some leadership teams have trouble drilling down and coming to an agreement on their business’s 3 Uniques™. It often takes an outside perspective to listen to everyone’s thoughts and suggestions, ask questions, and facilitate conversation that gives clarity to those 3 Uniques™.  That’s one of the many jobs of an EOS Implementer™. If you’d like to share where you are in the EOS® process and get my input on your 3 Uniques™, please complete the consult form below. We’ll set up a phone call that will answer your EOS® questions and help you narrow down what makes your business different from your competitors.

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