Keep It Simple

Keeping things simple is your business’s path to success. That may seem counterintuitive, because as your business grows, your company becomes more complex. So it may be natural for you to assume that by employing more people, offering more products and reaching more customers, your business would need to be more complicated. But nothing could be […]

Four Ways to Bring Order to Your House

Let’s face it. As business owners and entrepreneurs, we juggle multiple priorities, projects, challenges, and opportunities every day. It can be an overwhelming life that drains energy and diverts our focus. As an EOS® Implementer, I help my clients bring some order to their house. One of my clients loves systems, but he never found […]

The Importance of Level 10 Meetings

You and your employees look forward to departmental and staff meetings, right? If you are like most people, the answer to that question is a resounding “No!” I have a client who is a business owner, and during our 90 Minute Meeting, I asked how effective his meetings were. He said, “Zero – because I […]