Client Testimonials

Don’t just take my word for it.

"Throughout our history, our organization has sustained a fair amount of change and, at times, unstable leadership. When we began working with Connie at PureDirection, I felt that we were already headed in the right direction. I could not have envisioned the amount of expertise and insight that Connie would provide to our organization. Her coaching exponentially accelerated us to a higher level of organizational health. We now have much greater clarity, vision, communication, and connection. Our entire staff of more than 30 people is grateful for the high-quality meetings that we all enjoy. They are engaged and connected.

This past year, we added several new staff - in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and remote learning, no less. Ordinarily, this would have been extremely chaotic and difficult, but with the tools in place, it seemed much less daunting. The new employees quickly understood who we are as an organization and what is most important in our work. Connie is an expert leader, coach, and facilitator. She asks the right questions and applies the right principles at the right time. At the same time, she is humble and an absolute pleasure to work with."
Alex Steinman
Executive Director & Principal

Harambee Christian School is a faith-based ministry. We provide a quality K-8 education and build long-term relationships with our students.

"We were generally in a cycle of discussing things that we need to do and never actually getting them done. This was restricting our growth potential and this was the primary reason for engaging with PureDirection. The most helpful components have been the Leadership Team meetings, Rocks, and our Quarterly sessions with the executive team. We would not be able to do this on our own without guidance and structure. Connie was able to provide that and also serve as a sounding board and unbiased observer and commenter when we would hit obstacles. If you feel stuck where you are and are frustrated by the lack of forward momentum PureDirection will help you IF you truly commit to it."
Todd Churchward, CPA

Baden Tax Management provides specialized tax consulting and compliance services to companies throughout the U.S. Our services include real property tax consulting/appeal, personal property tax compliance and consulting and sales/use tax consulting.

"Prior to working with PureDirection, we had a loosely organized team of senior engineers, led by our founder. With our founder’s desire to leave a legacy for the minority ownership, PureDirection became a lifeboat in a storm. With its proven processes, procedures, and tools, PureDirection is an engineer’s dream!

From the onset, we knew if we didn’t hire a facilitator, we would be doomed to repeat every previous management concept we’ve tried. Spending the money ensured our team’s commitment to the process. Connie came from a business ownership situation and taught us how to identify the root cause of our issues. Two years after working with Connie, we had our best year in the history of the company in terms of sales and net profit.

The Strategic Vision & Execution Plan is the absolute best way to do a business plan. Short, sweet, and always in front of us. Another tool that changed the way we hire is the Talent Assessment. It takes the subjections out of the interview process and helps us test candidates against our Core Values.

We interviewed several firms that were using a different business operating system. We found that the firms that did a self-facilitation all made so many exceptions that diluted their effectiveness and caused them to abandon the effort. Connie held firm to her process and would test our resolve each time we claimed it was incompatible with our business. With a firm but kind approach, she brought us back into alignment with a better understanding of why it is like it is. I am sure we would have failed without our facilitator.

We build our Leadership Team with minority owners. Unfortunately, those individuals, while excellent at what they do, aren’t true leaders. Changing the team has become painful. Had we put faith in Connie’s analyses, we would be a full year ahead in our growth plan."
Joe Martin

Martin CSI is a small 25-person engineering firm focused on the manufacturing automation sector. Founded in 1993, we are transitioning from a lifestyle company to a growth-oriented company with a new generation of leadership.

"Connie is fantastic to work with, was indispensable in guiding us to become an effective company, and helped us navigate many demanding situations with exceptional integrity, wisdom, and trustworthiness. We give Connie our highest recommendation. If you are considering developing a business operating system, don’t waste too much time doing it yourself, hire Connie and trust the PureDirection process."
J.M. Hawthorne

Pressure Connections Corp. is a privately held business specializing in the manufacture and distribution of hydraulic and pneumatic products.

"We were a start-up and did not have a business operating system. The two co-founders approached process and business development in drastically different approaches. PureDirection offered a system that was the right size and approach for the size and maturity of our business. PureDirection offered a language that fits our culture, and our growth in year two of operation exceeded our goals. Connie served as a guide as we launched the company. She asked the right questions, challenged our assumptions, and provided support for ideation, process improvement, and implementation. Make the investment of time and apply the right rigor to creating your foundation. PureDirection has a planful methodology and approach to launching and running your operations."
Cid Rhomberg
Chief Experience Officer

Brick House Blue is a co-working and meeting/event venue located in Dublin, OH.