What is PureDirection?

Stop trying to fit your organization in a box made for someone else.

There are multiple business operating systems available (EOS™, EMyth, Rockefeller Habits, Etc.), some more popular than others, and each has its own strengths and challenges. Maybe you have tried a few?

The issue is that most business operating systems try to fit a business into a ready-made process. This disconnect is the barrier that hinders business-wide clarity and alignment.

What if there was a customized framework for your company that didn’t focus on the system, but instead focused on you, your people, your needs, and your goals to provide the structure for you to grow and thrive?

Say hello to the PureDirection Proven Framework.

A Proven Framework

Get the right people on the team, build a compelling vision, bring that vision to the ground, and execute with consistency.

Building the right team requires we have great people. Having great people is two things – Right people, Right seats. You’ve heard this phrase before. Jim Collins made this term very popular in his book, Good to Great.

“Right people” simply means that they’re people that fit our culture – they possess our Core Values. On the other side, “right seats”, means that they have the skill set and the unique ability to do the job and do the job well.

We always start with structure first, and people second. We will create the structure for your company using a Functional Accountability Chart, which will:

  • Create absolute clarity around what needs to get done
  • Show who is going to do it
  • Illustrate how the accountability flows between and among the folks in the company to ensure it happens

Helping you align to the right vision requires you to learn how to work “on” your business, not only in your business. We will discuss a context for leadership going forward, and teach you the characteristics of a strong leadership team. We also will spend time visualizing a great future for  your company.

This is also about getting your entire leadership team 100% on the same page and helping you put the company first. It is your job as the leadership team to act with the greater good in mind.

  • Vision without action is merely a dream.
  • Action without vision just passes the time.
  • Vision with action can change the world.

Creating the right plan starts with you as a leadership team answering eight simple questions. To the degree I can get you to answer these questions in 100% agreement and on the same page, we then have a clear vision for your company.

Executing with consistency is the fourth segment of the framework. It is about going somewhere where few others have gone in your industry. It is about overcoming obstacles, making the hard decisions. It requires you to develop the ability to predict both in the short term and the long term by measuring the outcomes you want. By having a meeting cadence that focuses on strategy, being responsive rather than reactive, and solving business issues so they go away forever.

What My Clients Have to Say

“Connie is an expert leader, coach, and facilitator. She asks the right questions and applies the right principles at the right time. At the same time, she is humble and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

“Connie came from a business ownership situation and taught us how to identify the root cause of our issues. Two years after working with Connie, we had our best year in the history of the company in terms of sales and net profit.”

“Connie is fantastic to work with, was indispensable in guiding us to become an effective company, and helped us navigate many demanding situations with exceptional integrity, wisdom, and trustworthiness.”