5 Ways to Break Through the Ceiling

Hitting the Ceiling 2

The word ceiling is used multiple ways in the English language. It may simply mean an upper interior surface of a room, a cover or roof that protects us from outside elements. If we’re angry, we might hit the ceiling.

In business, it has a more figurative, slightly negative connotation, like a limit or a barrier. It can be the feeling of being stuck, frustrated, or having a sense that things are complex and chaotic. Hitting the ceiling is an inevitable part of growth. In business, in order to achieve growth, we must adjust and expand our business to “break” the ceiling.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System,™ (EOS) teaches five core leadership abilities you must master in order for your leadership team to break through the ceiling and grow:

  1. Simplify. Your organization will become more complex as it grows, so it is important to simplify systems as much as possible in the beginning. Streamline your communications, processes, messages, vision and procedures. Create a state of simplicity that you can build upon.
  2. Delegate. Hanging on to details will hold you back. Assign responsibilities you have outgrown to other people. This will allow you to operate at your best and keep the team focused on the end result. Your team must learn to delegate, too.
  3. Predict. This is a powerful skill that helps you make decisions about the future based on what you know today. Look at both short-term predictions, the decisions of the immediate future, and long-term predictions, decisions that are 90 days, one year, three years, and 10 years out.
  4. Systemize. If you find you are completing the same tasks over and over again, develop a system for them. Identify your core processes, such as HR, marketing, operations, customer retention and accounting, and find your way of doing business.
  5. Structure. You and your leadership team need to take a close look at your business and create a strong foundation. Organize your business so it can lead you in the right direction. Having structure creates accountability and reduces complexity.

Your business may hit the ceiling on three levels – the organizational level, the departmental level, or the individual level. The internal strength of your business is the foundation for the external growth you’ll accomplish by breaking the ceiling. With these five leadership abilities, you can reach that next level both internally and externally, and position yourself for future success.

Are you struggling to break your ceiling? If so, we can help.

About EOS

EOS is a holistic management system with simple tools that help you do three things we call vision, traction, healthy. Vision from the standpoint of first getting your leaders 100% on the same page with where your organization is going. Traction from the standpoint of helping your leaders to become more disciplined and accountable, executing really well to achieve every part of your vision. Healthy meaning helping your leaders to become a healthy, functional, cohesive leadership team.