Becoming Your Best

Let’s conclude this series with a discussion around “becoming your best.”

The singular role of any company’s leadership team is to fight for the organization’s greater good. To master that role, a leadership team must practice five disciplines.

  1. The ability to Streamline.
    In order to grow, the Leadership Team must master the skill of reducing complexity – reducing everything to its simplest form. Leaders must obsess about simplicity. You must drive that into the organization. Complexity kills growth.

  2. The ability to work within your Unique Ability®.
    Unique Ability® is a term Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach, created. It refers to what you love to do and are best at.

    The only way for an organization to grow is for the leaders to build extensions of themselves and let go of responsibilities. Just like you can’t be the chief cook and bottle washer, you can’t grow if you’re holding onto everything.

  3. The ability to Forecast.
    Your ability to forecast is based on having a pulse on your organization’s health. Leadership Teams make forecasts on two levels. First, they forecast based on everything beyond the next quarter. Second, they forecast based on what is happening on a daily and weekly basis.

    Forecasting is always an educated guess. We can, however, add clarity if we are measuring the activities that get us the results we want.

  4. The ability to create Consistency.
    Leadership Teams create consistency within their organization by documenting the sequence of events that allow you and your staff to do what you do. This isn’t a 500-page operations manual, which, by the way, no one reads. You can create consistency by documenting 20% of the events that yield 80% of your results.

    Creating consistency leads to easier scalability, less managerial oversight, more profit, and more fun in your organization.

  5. The ability to create Alignment.
    Alignment is about creating so much clarity that there is little room for confusion, disorder, and infighting. Creating alignment is a team sport that eliminates potential issues like misaligned responsibilities, misaligned metrics, and poor communication.

These five abilities can give your Leadership Team the direction and discipline they need to take your company to the next level. Once they’ve mastered these disciplines, your company will truly become its best.

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