Fresh Eyes

I recently had a session with the Leadership Team of a nonprofit, K-8 grade school. This is a forward-looking Leadership Team who is setting a new standard for grade school education.

One of our discussions focused on the fact that several long-term teachers left the school this past quarter. They hired several new teachers to ensure they are ready to start the school year strong and with a full complement of educators.

The team recognized that losing what they refer to as “the old guard” was difficult on several levels. They will miss those teachers, the students will miss them, and a segment of their school’s history has left. We talked about the fact that on a certain level, they were mourning the loss of several colleagues.

What impressed me, however, was that they were able to take a deep breath and talk about what is ahead for their school. They anticipate the new teachers will see their school through a set of fresh eyes. They expect the new teachers will help everyone explore new territories rather than look for ways to refine what they have already been doing.

To that end, they adjusted their Functional Accountability Chart to identify how two current employees will develop into new roles this next year. That exercise allowed the Leadership Team to perceive new opportunities: to advance their educational offerings, to help two current teachers work closer to their Unique Ability™, and to develop additional expertise in areas under development.

The “aha” moment for me as I listened to their discussion was that they recognized the fresh eyes of a beginner can be a gift.  That acknowledgment does not diminish the contributions of the former teachers. Instead, it celebrates the foundation upon which the school will build.

What steps is your company taking to play a bigger game? Who on your team is ready to assume greater responsibility? Do you have a plan to develop your employees? Perhaps it is time for you to see through the fresh eyes of a beginner.

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