How To Build Great Leaders

As a leadership team guide and coach, I frequently read books, articles, and blogs about leadership.  These resources provide me with great information to share with my clients. And I think about leadership often as I work with leadership teams.

Out of pure curiosity, I recently searched for “leadership” on the Barnes & Noble website. Within seconds they listed 18,605 books about leadership. You read that right, more than 18,000 titles!

There is no doubt in my mind the authors have distilled and shared excellent content and provided concise advice.  When I got back to thinking about leadership, I remembered a question clients often ask me – “how do we help our people become leaders?”

That question always results in great discussions about how leadership teams can coach and develop their employees. From there, clients often create internal coaching programs, define quarterly Rocks to focus on individual employees, and examine ways to recognize employee growth.

So here are 10 ideas I have gathered from clients about how to help your employees become leaders:

  1. Help a colleague grow.
  2. Demonstrate the behavior you want to see in everyone.
  3. Share a compelling vision for the company.
  4. Work to increase your emotional intelligence.
  5. Develop yourself so you are able to play a bigger game.
  6. Develop the mindset that recognizes mistakes are a learning opportunity.
  7. Find a coach or mentor – none of us can see ourselves playing the game.
  8. Have open, honest discussions that identify and solve business issues.
  9. Care about everyone on the team.
  10. Be positive and demonstrate gratitude.

There is so much more information in those 18,000-plus books, yet I think the above list is a good start.

Here is a great quote, although I do not know the author: “You are not a leader until you develop a leader who develops a leader.”

Remember, we can all be leaders.

Looking for ways to spur leadership in your company? I’d be happy to help. Just fill out the consult form below, and we can get started on identifying ways to show your employees that anyone can become a leader.