How to Craft Unforgettable (Yes, Unforgettable) Weekly Leadership Meetings

One of the first disciplines I outline for leadership teams when I begin working with them is a weekly leadership team meeting. Oh, I can hear what you are thinking right now! Meetings are a waste of time. We rarely accomplish anything meaningful. We’re too busy to meet weekly, on and on. I guarantee with a little guidance, you can alter your experience of meetings — for good.

Leadership team meetings are essential. To have a pulse on the health of the company, regular leadership team meetings are essential. These meetings help your leadership to maintain focus on your quarterly priorities, ensure you know who needs attention and solve obstacles to our progress.

Holding the meeting on the same day each week, starting and ending on time, and following a standardized agenda, help make all the difference.

How else can you change the structure of these meetings to support your health and happiness?

Be Prepared

Prepare for your Leadership Team Meeting in the same way you prepare for your most important prospect or client. Your colleagues and the company deserve the effort.

  • Review your Scorecard numbers; progress on your Rocks; if you followed up on last week’s meeting outcomes; and if you have new obstacles for the team’s consideration.
  • Review your past week’s calendar. It may trigger issues you want to discuss.
  • Think through your goals for the meeting and be focused and clear about getting what you want.

When everyone prepares, your meeting will run more efficiently, leaving more time for solving issues.

Be Energized

Your Leadership Team Meeting is the most expensive meeting you have. Think about it. You have the most senior minds at the table, ready to solve issues and work on the business for 90 minutes. This is worth your energy!

  • Show up as if it matters to you, and, if things are off track or not working, be brave enough to enter the danger and have the tough conversations.
  • Be passionate about solving issues, especially if you disagree with another leadership team member. Your Leadership Team Meetings are only as good as your attitude, so come to the table committed to the greater good.
  • Preparation and energy are linked. If you’ve prepared well, you’ll be excited and ready to tackle issues. If you haven’t prepared, you will wait for others to run the meeting. It’s your meeting. Act as if you own it. Because if you don’t, who will?

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