Make Life Easy For Your Customers

How easy is it for your customers to find and engage with your company? Does a real, live person answer the phone, or are customers greeted by an artificial intelligence system that can only respond if the caller asks questions exactly as programmed? What does a customer feel and experience when they enter your company?

To make life easy for your customers, you need an aligned, clearly defined structure; a set of timeless, guiding principles; and a consistent way of conducting business.

So let’s define each of those.

  • To have an aligned, clearly defined structure, you’ll need to have absolute clarity of responsibility for each member of the team, which leads to solid ownership. When you own something, you are more likely to pay attention to it. That leads to consistent results.

  • Your company’s core values are your timeless, guiding principles. Core values define your culture. They shape the way team members treat each other, treat their customers, and treat other stakeholders. When every member of your team represents your company’s culture, your customers will get a sense of your culture when they interact with you.

  • You create consistency throughout your company by documenting your company’s core processes. Core processes are the conceptual sequence of events that enables people in a business to do what they do. If everyone is doing things their own way, chaos ensues.

As you scale your company, I encourage you to change hats periodically and assume the persona of your ideal customer. Stand above your company. Look at it as a customer might, and be sure to consider their perspective.

I’ll see you in two weeks when we discuss how to surpass the competition.

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