Office Politics

We’ve probably all worked in a setting where office politics were practiced. Wikipedia defines politics as “the practice and theory of influencing other people.”

When people make decisions or sway others based on their own personal interests, or to support their own project or department, company morale suffers. Because this isn’t what is best for the greater good, your business suffers too.

As a leadership team guide and coach, I promote politic-free companies. Building your business operating system isn’t about influencing others – it is about working together as a Leadership Team. This means everyone’s voice is heard when there is a decision to be made or an issue to be solved. But it doesn’t mean leadership by consensus.

I view consensus as a “four letter word”. Too often, when we look for team consensus, it means we are going to wait until everyone agrees. Then, our decisions are usually too late and often equally disagreeable to everyone. When you have a tough decision, make sure everyone weighs in on the topic.

When your company’s purpose and strategic plan are clear, and you have the right people in the right seats, most of your team members will agree with the solutions. A few may not, and that’s okay. As long as everyone on the Leadership Team has the opportunity to express their view about a topic and their voice is heard, then everyone must support every decision. Even if that decision is not the one you personally would have made.

This doesn’t just apply to the Leadership Team. It applies to every department, unit, and workgroup; in other words, everyone in your organization. Once a decision is reached, the rest of the team is expected to respect that decision and follow it wholeheartedly.

No politics – we want to hear everything everyone has to say, and you can only say it once; if you say it twice, you are politicking.

Worried that politics are sneaking their way into your company? That’s where I come in. Please fill out the consult form below, and we’ll work together to make sure every voice within your business is heard.