The Limitless Mind of the Visionary

Visionaries wake us up. They have 12 ideas a day, generally before most of us get up in the morning. They bring us new ways of doing things – new ways of looking at things.

They challenge us to think differently. If they hear someone say, “we’ve always done it that way”, I guarantee you they will change how we do things. They challenge the status quo.

We need visionaries in our world. They see the big picture and have a pulse on the organization’s industry and ideal customer. Visionaries connect the dots because they can visualize relationships between concepts, between the organization’s departments, and among the projects the organization pursues.

Visionaries act on the present to make that future a reality. Isn’t that what we all want? So, if you have a visionary in your organization, celebrate what they bring to the table. And if you do not have a person who stands out as a visionary, no worries.

There is a bit of visionary in all of us. You can embody the mind of the visionary by taking the time to ponder the need for change in a given situation and questioning why things shouldn’t or couldn’t be better.

Be curious about unmet needs within your organization, unfulfilled potential in a team member, or unrealized aspirations. Don’t settle for the status quo. You owe it to your organization, the entire team, and your customers to do otherwise.

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