The Value of Rocks

As a Leadership Team guide and coach, I am passionate about helping Leadership Teams get what they want from their business. One of the tools I teach every Leadership Team is how to set quarterly Rocks.

A Rock is a clearly defined strategy to address the team’s priorities during the next 13-weeks. Most companies try to focus on too many projects. Keep in mind that if everything is important, nothing is important.

So, let’s create 13-week sprints that provide focus & direction for the Leadership Team, and, eventually, for the entire organization. Why 13 weeks? Because that is about how long we humans can stay focused.

Rocks need to be S.M.A.R.T., meaning each Rock is:

Specific – implying it’s measurable as well

Meaningful – assuring it aligns with the #1 Goal on the Horizon

Ambitious – stretching people but not demoralizing them

Review Routinely – keeping the goal front and center in everyone’s minds

Transparent – posting visually to drive accountability

Which Rock is most clear: We will design a house. OR, we will design a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2,100 square foot house downtown with top quality furnishings for a maximum cost of $200 per square foot.

When ready to finalize Rocks, I recommend asking two questions:

  1. What could interfere with your ability to complete these Rocks?
  2. How will you avoid that?

The final step is for each member of the Leadership Team to answer this question so they know what the Rock is meant to achieve: What has to be true when this Rock is completed? Once they are clear about what has to be true, it is time to identify three or four activities with due dates to accomplish the Rock.

I have seen the momentum and progress Leadership Teams make every quarter by focusing on their priorities. Oh, and I’ve seen it in my own business!

Are you ready to accomplish your Rocks? I can help! Fill out the consult form below, and we can work together to refocus your priorities.