Connecting the Tools

I have written about a company’s Accountability Chart and Core Processes in previous blogs.

Your Accountability Chart defines your organization’s structure. It creates absolute clarity around what needs to get done, who is going to do it, and how accountability is going to flow between and among the seats in that chart to ensure it happens. An Accountability Chart gives you the truth about your company if you get it right. And the right structure will bring the right questions to the surface.

Core Processes are conceptual sequences of events that enable people in a business to do what they do. Your company has a handful of Core Processes that will create consistency and peace of mind throughout your organization when they are documented, simplified, and followed by everyone.

Think about five questions when you create your Core Processes:

  1. Why do we do this?
  2. When does the process begin?
  3. When is the process complete? What is the specific, tangible deliverable?
  4. What can we measure to know if the process worked well or poorly?
  5. What’s the handoff? Who gets the deliverable and what do they do with it?

Why am I reminding you about your Accountability Chart and Core Processes today? Because there is a great connection between these two tools.

Think about a sports team you like—i.e.: football, soccer, baseball, basketball, etc. Now envision where the athletes stand on their respective field, and what position they play. Each position is their seat on the Accountability Chart—it is the team’s structure as they prepare to play the game.

Core Processes are what happens when the ball is in play. Each quarterback, pitcher, third baseman, point guard, etc. consistently follows a prescribed series of steps as they play the game. Core Processes are your playbook.

Connecting these two tools may help you see the value of each one.

Have you defined your Core Processes or finalized your Accountability Chart? Creating them is the first step, and connecting them is the second. If you’ve approached a bump in the road and need to talk it through with someone who knows the tools inside and out, let’s schedule a call. You can pick my brain with no obligation simply by filling out the consult form below.

I hope to talk with you soon about developing these tools, and show you how connecting them can make a powerful impact on your business.