Anatomy of a Scorecard

Baseball Stats

One of the EOS Foundational Tools™ is the Scorecard, which we help every client create and implement in their company.

This is one of those tools that everyone has heard about, usually by a different name – Dashboard, Flash Report, Key Performance Indicators, etc. And generally, my clients are not too thrilled at the idea of creating yet another report that does not add value to their business.

But the Scorecard EOS® Implementers teach does add value, provided the Leadership Team gives careful consideration to the numbers they will measure.

Think about what you want from your business, i.e., more sales, and then think about the activities that will create more sales for your company. Is it more sales calls, more proposals, more introductions to your target market, more meetings with potential clients? Once you know what the activities are:

  • Name the measureable/activity
  • Define a weekly goal
  • Name the person accountable to see that the weekly goal is achieved, and
  • Start tracking the actual score

Knowing how you did last week gives your company the opportunity to make course corrections before things get out of hand if the goal was not met. You can also see trends over time, and, eventually, become great at predicting.

A Scorecard plays an important role in measuring progress. Think about a baseball team. They can open the paper every morning and know exactly where they stand, why they won or lost the game, even if the player wasn’t at the game, just by seeing their won/lost record, ERA, batting average, RBI and HR statistics.

Your company needs to be like that. You don’t need a lot of numbers. Just five to 15 measureable goals that will give your Leadership Team an absolute pulse on the business.

Gino Wickman, founder of EOS®, describes the step-by-step process to finding the pulse of your business in his book, “Traction.” Using the Six Key Components™, one of them being Data, Wickman’s book helps you implement EOS® in your organization and achieve your business goals. I invite you to download the first chapter of “Traction” for free, so you can better understand the impact EOS® can have on an organization.

I am happy to answer any questions you have about EOS®, your company’s Scorecard, or discuss the challenges your business may be facing. You can request a free, 15-minute phone consultation with me by filling out the form below. There is no obligation to move forward after our call. Together we can determine if EOS® is right for your company.