How To Create Great Teams

Great Teams

As an EOS® Implementer, the majority of companies I work with tell me during our initial meeting that they have a great team. Their definition of “great” usually means something like being trustworthy, competent, working hard, and following the boss’ directions.

And while those are all wonderful traits to have, sometimes I smile inwardly; sometimes I am truly skeptical. Sound harsh? Well, it’s not meant to.

My skepticism stems from the observations I make during my introduction to the Leadership Team, a true representation of the company.

The subtle eye roll when a team member speaks.

The hint of a smirk when another person asks a question.

The intense shoe studies that take place when a team member provides a lengthy explanation to a simple “yes” or “no” question.

I even had a prospective client pound the table because I gave the person the correct answer rather than the one the individual wanted.

Great teams are ones have synergy, resolve their issues through open and honest, and don’t engage in office politics.

We all want to think the best of our employees and Leadership Team, and look past those occasional weaknesses or negative attitudes. But in order to move your company to the next level, you need to be honest and realistic about your team’s strengths, as well as their areas for improvement.

One way to determine if you have a great team is to start with your Leadership Team, and determine if they GWC their role.

GWC stands for:

  • Get it – they truly understand why their role exists in the company
  • Want it – they get up each morning ready to come in and achieve the accountabilities of their seat; and
  • Capacity to do it – which means they have the talent, skills, expertise, to add the best value to your company

Now I want you to think about your role as the CEO/Owner/Head Honcho of your company. Then envision yourself disappearing from the company without any opportunity to tell anyone you are vanishing, without any opportunity to do one more thing today, without any opportunity to clear off your desk or respond to that urgent email that just came in. I think you get the picture.

Immediately one of the most highly sought after CEOs on the planet appears in your office to lead your company. What would that super CEO find unacceptable about your team? What one thing would that super CEO change?

Are you ready to create great teams within your organization? If so, contact us. We can help.

About EOS®

EOS® is a holistic management system with simple tools that help you do three things we call vision, traction, healthy. Vision from the standpoint of first getting your leaders 100% on the same page with where your organization is going. Traction from the standpoint of helping your leaders to become more disciplined and accountable, executing really well to achieve every part of your vision. Healthy meaning helping your leaders to become a healthy, functional, cohesive leadership team.