Teaching EOS With Context-Based Learning


If you do an Internet search on learning styles, you will find numerous related articles. Some authors describe five learning styles; others define eight learning styles; and one author writes that people learn via seven different styles. And each of the articles I read included lengthy discussions about how the instructor/teacher/facilitator could adapt their presentation to accommodate each participant’s learning style.

So what does this have to do with EOS® you ask? Plenty.

EOS Implementers™ fulfill three roles with their Leadership Teams. We serve as teachers, facilitators, and coaches. When I am wearing my teacher’s hat, I see how context-based learning radically accelerates the learning process for every member of a Leadership Team, regardless of his or her individual learning style.

Context-based learning brings practical meaning to the content or skill being presented through actual, interactive experience. It encourages critical thinking and creative problem solving, and allows Leadership Teams to make connections between the EOS®concepts, and relate them to their own experiences in their organizations.

And as we teach a Leadership Team to incorporate each tool into their organization, they leave a session ready to start using that tool. The teams build the muscle necessary to implement EOS® through collaboration and practical use, not simply memorizing information presented by the teacher. The skills the Leadership Teams learn readily translate into real-world settings.

We consistently review the tools and help Leadership Teams master each tool through coaching and facilitation to assess their understanding and skill development. This approach is what makes context-learning powerful.

As a Leadership Team practices the EOS®tools, the skills become automatic and subconscious. And the other cool thing about context-based learning – it is an interactive process by nature. As a result, Leadership Teams learn from each other, which reinforces the concepts and helps move the team toward mastery.

If you’d like to learn more about EOS, the tools we use, or how we utilize context-based learning to implement them, please fill out the contact form below to request a 15-minute phone consultation with me. I look forward to sharing with you the many reasons why I chose EOS when I was a business owner, and how it can help you become more successful in business.



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