The Diversity of EOS® Implementers

As of this writing, there are 176 EOS® Implementers in the world. We are an eclectic group with fascinating stories about our journey to becoming an Implementer. Each of us brings a broad range of business experience to our role as an EOS® Implementer. So what are we like?

Well, we . . .

  • are passionate about helping you build a great business that allows you to live the life you want to live — the definition of which is up to you
  • are fastidious about teaching EOS® purely
  • join forces with you and your leadership team — we have your backs on this journey
  • are vulnerable with you
  • are open and honest with you
  • want you to graduate and we will celebrate that with you
  • all practice EOS® in our respective companies

We will bring you a set of simple, practical business tools that are applicable in any industry. And we will keep it simple  — always. We all adhere to rigorous standards to ensure you work with the best of the best. And we practice what we preach at our quarterly meetings in Detroit each year. Were you to observe one of our meetings, it would look like one of your Quarterly Pulsing sessions, only with a much larger leadership team.

So when you meet your EOS® Implementer, know he or she is part of a supportive, worldwide community. Know also your Implementer won’t focus on your industry – your Implementer will focus on the change you seek to make.

You won’t have to make changes alone. That is what your EOS® Implementer is for. Most of us have walked in your shoes before — knowing that things need to change, not knowing where to start, and being too caught up in the day to day to figure it all out. EOS® Implementers provide support and the accountability that results in real change.

You can learn more about the EOS® process by reading the first chapter of “Traction,” available here for free download. “Traction” was written by EOS® founder Gino Wickman, and provides a chapter-by-chapter guide to implementing EOS® in your organization.

If you’d like to learn more about EOS® or have questions about the role of an Implementer, please fill out the consultation form below to request a 15-minute phone conference with me. There is no obligation to continue after our call. EOS® worked for my company, and I am excited about helping others determine if it can work for them, too.