Becoming Your Best

Leadership doesn’t start with a fancy title. Leadership starts when you realize:

  • what you are doing is important
  • you can’t do it alone
  • you’re going to get it done somehow, regardless

If you are part of a Leadership Team, are you ready and willing to become your best? Before you answer, let me explain the four things “your best” requires.

  1. Becoming both Healthy and Smart
    I find the Leadership Teams with whom I work are smart. They produce a quality product or provide an exemplary service, which requires them to be experts in their industry.

    Where they need assistance is in becoming healthy. That means they are open and honest with each other, not at a superficial level, but at a deep level that allows them to be comfortable admitting what they don’t know – or where they need help – all the while knowing their colleagues will help, not criticize. Perhaps the team needs to learn how to not allow politics to impact their relationships, their work together, and the company’s vision. And teams usually need to master becoming a united front that discusses issues and reaches a solution, which every team member supports. This is possible when every team member has been heard.

  2. Becoming a leadership team
    Strong Leadership Teams manage their company with a handful of rules and they demonstrate the behavior they want to see throughout the company. Your Core Values represent your “handful of rules”.

    Being your best also requires Leadership Teams to understand that everything wonderful about their company is their doing, and everything that is an issue within their company is also their doing. EOS® provides the tools to strengthen the former, and resolve forever the latter.

  3. Run your business on one operating system
    We have a creed within EOS®: You cannot build a great organization on multiple operating systems – you must choose one. The issue with having multiple operating systems is that everyone speaks a different language and everyone does it their own way. This does not work. Think about your marketing department using a word processing software that does not integrate or communicate with the word processing software the operations department uses. Confusion, to say the least!

  4. Strengthen the Six Key Components™ of your business:

Are you willing to become your best? You do not owe me an answer. You’ll know in your mind and in your heart. Leadership, at its best, is intensely personal. And the people who follow you, they can tell.

Becoming your best is a journey, and you may find you need a guide along the way. If you’d like to talk more about your road ahead, I invite you to complete the consult form below to request a free phone consultation with me. I’m confident that when you focus on building a smart and healthy leadership team under one operating system, you will be well on your way to becoming your best.  

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