Creating a Contagious Culture Through Your Core Values

Your company culture defines who you are as a team. Culture is a demonstration of everything you see and feel in a company. It is how people interact with each other, your vendors, and your customers. It is the feeling a person gets when they first walk into your company – is there energy in the building or is everyone grudgingly going about their workday? Culture is seen and felt through our five senses.

You can’t buy culture; it doesn’t come neatly engraved on a plaque. Culture is discovered. Culture is something you have to grow from a figurative seed. And culture is powerful.

Your culture can be understood and represented through your Core Values. Your Core Values are the handful of rules all good leadership teams need in order to be good stewards of the company. Core Values, as you know, are a set of guiding principles that are the essence of the company’s identity. Core Values help identify the right people for your culture; help guide business decisions; and clarify the company’s personality for clients and potential customers.

Well-defined Core Values that are practiced every day are infectious, which in turn, nurtures that figurative seed. So think about what kind of seed you should plant rather than ask what kind of result you are hoping to get.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) provides a way to identify your Core Values and create a contagious culture. EOS® Founder Gino Wickman wrote a book entitled, “Traction,” which describes the steps to implementing EOS® in an organization. Through the Six Key Components™, Wickman helps companies identify their Vision, surround themselves with the right people, utilize data to achieve their goals, solve issues, establish effective processes, and develop traction to keep it all moving forward.

I invite you to download chapter 1 of “Traction” for free, which incudes the introduction and table of contents, so you can get a better understanding of EOS® and everything the book has to offer.

Implementing EOS® takes time, patience and commitment. But you don’t have to face it alone. EOS® Implementers, like myself, are there to answer questions, guide you through the process and hold you accountable so that you can achieve your business goals.

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