Leveling Up

During our quarterly session, I facilitate a thorough review of each section of a company’s V/TO™. The goal of the review is to make sure the Leadership Team is still 100% on the same page with the company’s Vision. This often leads to a robust discussion among the Leadership Team members. Sometimes the discussion focuses on clarifying a statement or section of the V/TO™ so everyone agrees with what the words mean; other times the team tweaks a bullet point, or their quarterly growth requires refining the geographic definition of their Target Market.

I add a new question to the Core Value review at about the second quarterly session with a Leadership Team. The question is, “What are you doing to take your Core Values to a higher level?” I ask this after I ask the team if they are hiring, reviewing, and firing based on Core Values.

Culture is a mindset, not a memo. And it is important for Leadership Teams to examine their Core Values and determine additional ways in which they can grow and progress to a state that further develops their company culture.

Leadership Teams can advance their culture by periodically celebrating when an individual or a team demonstrates a Core Value. Companies are well served when Leadership Teams practice the culture they expect their employees to exhibit.

Leadership Teams add value to their company’s culture when they look for more ways to promote their Core Values. Is the team sure they practice the Core Values outside the four walls of the organization? How about starting to work with vendors who share our Core Values? Or letting our customers know what our Core Values are to help them understand what it means to work with our team?

One of the Leadership Teams with whom I work posted their Core Values on their website. Next, they re-phrased each Core Value as a question, which then became a major segment of their customer satisfaction survey. This allowed the Leadership Team an opportunity to see if their employees lived their Core Values beyond the four walls of the company.

Here are some other ideas to level up your Core Values:

  • include in slides projected at company meetings
  • insert as constant reminders in employee badges
  • tape on the outside of each Leadership Team members’ office door
  • bind into proposals you give clients
  • promote regularly in vendor relationships
  • add to your new employee applications
  • print on employee review documents
  • post in your conference room

Are you leveling up your Core Values or is it business as usual? Establishing your Core Values is an important first step in defining your culture and your goals, and living them each day is the second. So if you need help defining your Core Values or learning about what Core Values have driven other successful businesses, I would be glad to help you.

Please fill out the consult form below to schedule a free, 15-minute phone consultation with me. We can discuss your company culture, what’s important to you, and how to practice your Core Values inside and outside the walls of your business. There is no obligation or commitment as a result of our discussion. I’m a firm believer in the EOS® process, and I’m looking forward to helping Leadership Teams level up their Core Values in every aspect of their business.