Strong Leaders Build Healthy Teams

Each year I attend a local live streaming of Leadercast, a daylong conference in Atlanta, Georgia helping leaders realize their potential. This year’s theme was about building healthy teams—a topic that is perfect for an EOS Implementer™! Every year the speakers are amazing, and I want them to just keep talking! Truth be told, I would love to sit down with any one of them over a cup of coffee and soak up as much wisdom as possible.

One of my favorite Leadercast speakers is Andy Stanley, an Atlanta-based pastor of North Point Ministries. He presents annually, and his message is always thought provoking. Andy started this year’s presentation stating, “Healthy teams are comprised of people with extraordinary clarity around what, why and how with a predisposition to execution.”

This is exactly the central theme of EOS®. Every EOS Implementer™ in the world is focused on helping the Leadership Teams with whom they work become a team with extraordinary clarity about who they are, where they are going, and executing on that awareness every single day.

Building healthy teams takes work, and that work begins with the company leaders. One of the questions I often ask a Leadership Team is, “Are you the leadership team your company deserves?” Let’s put some context around that question.

How many people do you think your company impacts every day? There is the obvious answer — the number of employees in your company. Did you count their families? How about your business partners’, vendors’ and customers’ employees and their teams? And let us not overlook the community members you impact through your product or service, as well as any philanthropic or volunteer efforts. One of my colleagues determined that for every 100 employees in a company, their reach extends to 10,000 people. 

Here is a 7-point checklist to use with your leadership team to help you assess the strength of your Leadership Team:

  1. We are 100% on the same page with the company vision and plan.
  2. We are very healthy, cohesive, and completely open and honest with each other.
  3. We solve issues quickly.
  4. We live the company core values.
  5. We are highly accountable.
  6. We fully embrace our operating system (EOS®).
  7. We are great leaders and managers.

So, are you the Leadership Team your company deserves? If the answer is yes, great! Congratulations on doing the hard work, and I encourage you to continue growing stronger every day. If your Leadership Team isn’t strong, who will lead the company?

EOS®provides many tools to build strong leaders. These tools give teams the foundation and structure they need to develop their skills and improve their leadership abilities. As an EOS Implementer™, I help businesses with these tasks every day, and I’d love to talk with you about it. If you’d like to schedule a call with me, please use the consult form below to set it up. I look forward to helping you strengthen your leadership skills, and become the healthy team your company deserves. 

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